Vision and Mission


Vanjari Community web is owned and operated by ‘Ek Diwas Samajasathi (EDS) Foundation’. ‘Ek Diwas Samajasathi Foundation’ is founded by group of Visionary Officers and Professionals willing to contribute by giving & sharing Time, Talent and or Treasure (?? ?? ??) for the Social Welfare and Development of the Community.

Our Vision

To ensure best network amongst all strata of community and to achieve Socio-Economic Growth of the underprivileged community members by uniting Officers, Professionals, Social Workers, Students, Woman etc.

Our Mission

To Create a network of Influential, Powerful, Willing, Likeminded Officers, Professionals, Industrialists, Entrepreneurs, Businessman and Social Workers to join together for the innovative and noble causes of;

  • Economic Growth of the underprivileged
  • Social Welfare and Development
  • Education
  • Woman Empowerment
  • Training and Development
  • Social Service

Our Vision and Mission mainly focuses on Unity, Networking, Education, Empowerment, Training, Development and Selfless Service ‘of the Community’, ‘for the Community’ and ‘by the Community’.

  • To unite and create Network of Willing, Likeminded, Powerful and Influential Officers, Professionals and others for the Socio-Economic upliftment of underprivileged.
  • To ensure Education, Research, Training, Hostel Facilities and Employment Opportunities to Needy Students.
  • To Guide and Support the needy with Health Care and Medicinal Needs.
  • To promote Social Welfare activities with special emphasis on various issues viz; Woman Empowerment, Tribal Development, Child Education and Sugarcane Labourers’ etc.
  • To create Awareness, Support, Assist, Guide Community Members for Entrepreneurship Development.
  • To create Awareness and to fight against Social Injustice, Discrimination etc through all possible and available platforms.
  • To Associate Officers, Professionals and Others to support different Social Causes.
  • To ensure Members Social Contribution of Time, Talent and or Treasures through motto of ‘Ek Diwas Samajasathi’ by spending at least One Day for Community.
  • To provide platform for Students and Young Entrepreneurs to interact and gain knowledge from the Experienced, Powerful and Influential Officers, Professionals and well established Business Leaders.