You may be very successful person in life, but without your contribution to your community your achievement is zero. Social development is an integrated part of the Human Development. Being a part of society every person contributes in its development.  Individual goals and achievements help in the development of our community also.  However, it is our community who recognizes us in all sphere of the life.

Considering current social scenario and communal environment it is the need of hour to unite for the overall development of our community.  Keeping in mind all these issues some like minded senior eminent persons and bureaucrats from the community has come forward for formation of an organization.  Shri. Ajay Munde a volunteer along with like minded Officers & Professionals from the community came forward, which resulted in the formation of Ek Diwas Samajasathi (EDS) Foundation.

EDS Foundation is a non political organization which aims to help all the needy people from the backward communities like Vanjari, Dhangar etc.  EDS Foundation has already started its work and marked its presence at various levels.  Now it’s our duty and moral responsibility to participate and financially strengthen the Foundation to achieve its further goals towards social development.   I myself herewith expect that EDS Foundation should concentrate specially on the education of the Vanjari Children and help them in all walks of the life.  We should unite for the progress of our community and always keep in mind that education is the foundation stone of overall development of the Individual and the community.  Education is the only weapon which will strengthen our fraternity and bonding.  I herewith appeal all the Vanjari fraternity to come forward in this noble cause and strengthen the EDS Foundation for the betterment of the community.  We should always keep in mind the phrase “United we stand..Divided we fall” as the presence of Vanjari community in the Maharashtra is very small.  Today our community is considered as one of the backward community.  To eliminate that stigma we need to participate and strengthen the EDS Foundation.

I would also like to state here that there may be some bad elements from the community which will create hurdles and criticize, in this noble cause.  However we the Team EDS will never give up our devotion and dedication towards the social cause of the community.  In short we have to always keep in mind that EDS is established for the development of the future of our Community and future generation.

I convey my best wishes to the great noble cause of Ek Diwas Samajasathi Foundation and website launched to unite the community.

Bharat R. Andhale, (I.R.S.)

Dy. Commissioner of Income Tax, Pune.

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