Migrant Sugarcane Field Workers’ Situation


Migrant Sugarcane field workers’ life was miserable, right now its miserable and if Govt, Politicians, Officers, Social workers and people like us don’t act then their life will continue to be miserable..

There are 15 lac sugarcane field workers in Maharashtra. They are out of their house and village for nearly 6 months..creating question mark over education of their children and other Big questions about living conditions.
Most of the Sugarcane migrant workers belong to Vanjari community, followed by VJNT, Backwards and Maratha community.

And these migrant workers need your help and support! #EkDiwasSamajasathi Foundation will put in efforts to support these Migrant Sugarcane Field Workers in Best Possible Manner!!

Big question mark on Development of Migrant Sugarcane Field Workers’ Families remains after decades!
Can we do something for them by adopting & educating the Children, providing facilities like e-Learning, Vaccinations to all, Providing Green Energy to their makeshift sheds or providing smokeless cook stoves etc?
Can we help to answer few questions ??
Can we contribute #EkDiwasSamajasathi ???